9 Large House Plants That Make a Bold Statement In Any Room

 image via:  liz calka

image via: liz calka

Even if you don't necessarily have a green thumb, I think we can all appreciate the beauty of houseplants. Houseplants, specifically those that are larger-than-life, are a great way to transform a space into a lush jungle.

But for those of us that know we don't have the time or skills to manage a household jungle, a single large plant is also a great solution. Even by just adding one large plant makes for a bold statement in any corner or bare wall and beautifully fills up a room. That's why we've rounded up 9 of our favourite large house plants that prove that one is all you really need to transform any room in your home. 

 image via:  home designing

image via: home designing

Rubber Plant: 

One of our personal favourite house plants are rubber plants, especially because they are low maintenance. They require indirect, bright sunlight, moist soil, and thrive in humid environments. Rubber plants make for a great statement in any home because they tend to grow quite tall and take up a lot of space. So whether it's a corner or directly front and center, make sure you give these guys lots of room to grow - they'll be sure to steal the spotlight in any room. 

 image via:  apartment therapy

Bird of Paradise

For a bit of a tropical feel, check out this show stopping bird of paradise. This plant can grow quite large indoors and within 3-4 years you might even be rewarded with stunning blooms.

 image via:  pinterest

image via: pinterest

Fiddle Leaf

Also known as Ficus Lyrata, the fiddle leaf fig seems to be the hot house plant at the moment for every interior designer. These trees are fairly hardy and can grow up to 50 ft. tall making them the perfect choice to fill any empty space or hide any bare wall in your home. They do best with bright, indirect sunlight and water once the top of the soil is dry and the leaves start to soften. While they are definitely stunning, they also have a track record of being a bit high maintenance.

 image via: apartment therapy

image via: apartment therapy


Also known as a "dragon tree," the dracaena is a funky looking house plant variety that can reach lengths of 2-10ft tall depending on trimming. Besides its unique look, this plant is great for purifying the air of harmful toxins according to NASA. It is also a great low maintenance option for on office space or a caregiver who may not give it full attention. It can survive in low, to medium light but grows best in indirect sun. 

 image via:  homease

image via: homease

Common Fig

While generally used as an outdoor plant, if you have an area in your home that gets lots of sunlight then the common fig might be a great option for you. Sometimes you may even see little figs appear since the flowers don't require pollination. 

 image via:  the woven home

image via: the woven home

Money Tree

Unlike most other plants, a money tree can tolerate low lighting conditions making it a very versatile and attractive houseplant option. They can get to about 6-7 ft indoors and are a great addition to a living room or bedroom space. 

 image via: melanie burstin

image via: melanie burstin

Areca Palm

Also commonly known as the golden cane palm, the Areca palm makes for a playful addition to any space with its free spirit fronds and lofty height. Like most other plants, Areca's prefer indirect sunlight and a well drained planter with loomy soil. Luckily, if you overwater one of these guys they tend to be very forgiving and also can tolerate a few nibbles from house pets.

 image via:  apartment therapy


Shefflera, also commonly referred to as an umbrella plant for obvious reasons, is another plant that can reach great heights. It can withstand most lighting conditions and watering routines, making it incredibly versatile. This plant functions like a bonsai and can either be left to be free flowing or trimmed into a specific shape. 

 image via:  thou swell

image via: thou swell

Olive Tree

Move aside fiddle leaf fig and say hello to the olive tree. Olive trees, with their soft, dusty green leaves compliment a variety of color palettes and different spaces. Paired with a wicker basket or terracotta pot, it brings some height and just enough color to bring a room to life. Besides their beauty, they are also fairly easy to take care of.