How To: Creating A Timeless Home


Words + Photos by: Ames Interiors


“How do we design a home that we won’t tire of quickly?"

As a designer, this is a common question I hear from clients all the time! Of course, we all want to make sure we’re spending our money wisely. And on items that aren’t going to go out of style or feel dated before we’ve worn them in completely. So how do we accomplish this task? How do we allow our home to feel timeless but up to date all at the same time? Well, look no further. We’re sharing all the tips for you today! 


Selecting furniture for your space is unarguably the hardest task. So start there! Trying to base your entire furniture collection off a paint color or some throw pillows, is going to prove harder than necessary! Always start by sourcing the largest items in your home and let everything revolve around those. 


So now that we’ve established furniture comes first, let’s talk about how to assure our selections are timeless. If I could say only one thing it would be: Stick to a neutral color palate! If a look of timelessness is what you’re going for, then the green velvet sofa is probably not for you. When it comes to your larger furniture selections like sofas, chairs, beds and tables, you want to stay clear of the popular colors and patterns for right now. Because I can guarantee just a short couple of years down the road, you’ll be wanting something new! Colors like white, cream, grey and black and especially natural woods and materials will give you a far greater longevity of your items. 



After we have all our larger furniture selections in play, we’re ready for accessories. This includes any item that is less stationary. Things like rugs, pillows, artwork, lighting, etc. I would even argue paint colors! All things that can be easily switched out down the road without breaking the bank.  

Here’s where some of you may take a different turn than others. So let’s take a second to talk about both routes.


For all those wanting to ensure an all-around timeless home, stick to the advice above. Again, selecting neutral paint colors and accessories are going to guarantee a longer lived and longer loved timeline of your items. And may I suggest that you remain simple in your patterns as well. A universal striped pattern will be much longer appreciated than a trendy chevron will. 



For all those wanting to incorporate the latest trends and styles within their home, this is your time to shine. Your pink bed may have not made the cut, but you could exchange that for pink bedding or a pink wallpaper! Smaller things you won’t mind switching out once the pink trend is over and done with. On this path, you’ll just have to decide what you won’t mind putting money into changing later.

So there you have it! Just a few simple tips and tricks to creating a timeless home.


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