6 Minimalist Bedroom Looks To Inspire Your Spring Cleaning

 image source:  a merry mishap

image source: a merry mishap

It's that time of year again which most of us dread: spring cleaning. After a long winter mostly spent indoors, it's likely that your place needs a good deep clean and a fresh start to welcome the changing of the seasons. As much as you might love having a clean and tidy home, often times it's hard to find the motivation to take on such a task or it makes you feel completely overwhelmed. As a result, we put it off until finally we've had enough and are forced to tackle it.

So how can you Spring clean your home without feeling overwhelmed? We suggest going for a minimalist look to declutter your space and avoid overwhelming design decisions. Minimalist design is the perfect example of how a stunning interior can be created not by what's there, but what isn't. So get ready to embrace clean lines and open spaces, because we've got 6 minimalist bedrooms to inspire your Spring cleaning.

 image source:  wit and delight

image source: wit and delight

In a minimalist bedroom, every piece counts. Carefully select one or two statement pieces, such as some simple wall art or coloured bedding like those used in this bedroom.

 image source:  oracle fox

image source: oracle fox

While this bedroom maintains its minimalism through it's neutral color palette, the dark elements such as the lounge chair and lighting fixture function as the main focal points. Together these elements work to create a cohesive and clean looking space.

 image source:  my domaine

image source: my domaine

Working with coordinated brown tones creates the perfect minimalist look, with an even cozier vibe. The wooden beams and dark marble nightstands also function as great focal points in an otherwise neutral room.

 image source:  ernests

image source: ernests

A minimalist bedroom doesn't mean you have to stray away from any form of color. Little pops of bold hues work perfectly when balanced against a neutral dominated bedroom.

 image source:  the mini market

image source: the mini market

The quickest way to achieve a minimalist look in your home is to stick to all whites. The bright white elements in this space create a clean and airy feel that is perfect for Spring, while the black pillows work to ground the room as a focal point.

 image source:  sfgirlbybay

image source: sfgirlbybay

No one does minimalism better than the Scandinavians. While the dominating whites make the space feel open and airy, the natural materials and colors make this space feel warm and cozy.