Friday Finds: 3/2


I can't believe it's already March! Is anyone else amazed (and a bit freaked out) at how fast time passes or is it just me? This week we saw temperatures as low as -13C here in Switzerland and snow fall in so many unusual places throughout Europe like Rome and Barcelona. They're calling the recent storm here the "Beast From The East," but anything that creates this kind of beauty is no beast in my eyes. In celebration of the beginning of March, we're making this weekly round up about all things green. Keep reading for some weekly inspiration that will have you green with envy. 

  1. I think this image from Anna Pirkola's lovely home is a great example of while we all need a green wall in our homes. Can we have this exact color too please!
  2. Day dreaming about visiting this space in Culver City for a little self care weekend. I love how the plants make the space feel fresh and full of healing energy. 
  3. This incredible bar called "Tankovna" in Stockholm shines the light on all shades of green. From the greenstained plywood to the green felt benches - this is a restaurant design that will sure leave you feeling green with envy.
  4. How soothing is this olive green linen sheet set from Cultiver? It makes us want to jump into bed right now!
  5. Oh how I love greenhouses. I think it should be mandatory to have one in every city!
  6. How cool is this idea to use cactus as wall decor? The restaurant in Puglia sure has the right idea when it comes to unique design.