Looks We Love: Why We're Obsessed With Moroccan Pompom Blankets


Right now Moroccan textiles are stealing the show in home decor, but there's one that we can't get enough of: the Moroccan pom pom blanket

Perfect for adding just a touch boho chic without over doing it, the oversized pom pom tassels are a great way to bring a carefree spirit into any room. While these blankets are traditionally made from Berber wool, they come in a variety of lighter options like cotton to make sleeping in the summer heat still bearable. And of course we're all for anything that is comfortable, but doesn't mean having to sacrifice style. 

These charming blankets also come in an endless array of colors and styles that will fit with any decor you already have in your home. Just last weekend I was in Paris shopping for my soon to be apartment and stumbled upon a beautiful Moroccan textile store in Le Marais. Overwhelmed with options, I was completely torn over which blanket to buy. It took all the strength from within to restrain myself and wait until I moved into my apartment. Thankfully they have an online store that I can browse in the meantime to soothe my withdrawals before I return back to buy everything else. You can check it our here

Check out these charming spaces to get inspired to bring one of these beauties into your home and turn it into a boho meets chic paradise.