8 Last Minute Holiday Tablescape Tips


The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, where we stress over things like planning our holiday feasts and all of the things that come with it. Food, drinks, and decorations are all important elements that go into making sure holiday entertaining is a success.

We know you're already running around frantically in the kitchen slaving over the turkey or pumpkin pie, which is why we've created an easy guide to help you build that stunning holiday tablescape you've been dreaming of. Relax and read on!


Choose A Color Scheme

To keep yourself on track and stay organized, start by choosing one or two colors to work with. Deep hues and rich colors such as reds, oranges, yellows, and greens all work great this time of year to make your table feel more festive. Once you’ve chosen a color, play around with its different shades ranging all the way from light to dark.


Pick Your Serving Containers

Look around the house to find bowls and trays you might already have on hand. Find pieces that go well together and can be used to serve food family style. We suggest placing your serving dishes directly on the table so that you can build your tablescape around them. This ensures that your food remains the main focal point of the table because your tablescape is simply a backdrop to the food.


Shop Seasonally 

This time of year is particularly our favorite because of the abundance of beautiful seasonal items we have at our disposal. Make a visit to your local market and look for produce that’s in season, or if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, head to your backyard! Consider produce such as persimmons, artichokes, squash, pumpkins, chestnuts, pomegranates, pears, and apples. All of these items are great for making a stunning and dynamic tablescape to gather around.


Find The Right Florals

Consider changing your tablescape up this year and do something different by ditching the vases. Keep things simple and place blooms down the length of the table directly on top of a neutral colored runner. When visiting your local florist or market, make sure to look for seasonal florals such as hydrangeas, mums, and rose hips. 


Then once you’ve chosen your desired florals, pair them with greenery and foliage to give your tabelscape some shape. Maple leaves, branches, vines, and pine cones are great for this purpose. And the best part is you can usually find these items right in your very own backyard or neighborhood.


Light it Up

Incorporate tall candlesticks or tea lights into your table scape to give it some height and add a warm glow when feasting carries on into the evening. Stick with neutral candle colors such as white, creme, or gold and always keep your color scheme in mind. Play around with things  and group the candles with your produce to create little vignettes down the length of your table. If you choose to go with candle sticks, add a touch of elegance by using brushed gold candle stick holders.


Rules OF The Table

Choose neutral colored plates and flatware so that your tablescape can easily transition from season to season without having to change everything around. We suggest investing in a nice collection of serving ware that will remain timeless with age. Work in layers of three by first placing a larger plate or charger as your base, then a smaller plate for serving, and another smaller plate on top for appetizers and bread. 

Napkins can either be placed under the smallest plate on the top, underneath all three plates, or even on top paired together with a name tag. We prefer linen or cloth napkins to add a bit of texture and elevate your tablescape. 


Traditionally, the table setting rules require that the forks go on the left side and knives + spoons go on the right side of the plates. However, if you want to make your tablescape a bit more unique, have fun with it and play with your flatware arrangement. As a rule of thumb, utensils should be used from the outside in, so place the smaller spoons and salad forks on the outside. 

When it comes to glassware, make sure to have one glass for wine or champagne and one for water. A range of glassware options is always important for formal entertaining occasions.


Personalized Place Settings

Make your guests feel welcome in your home by creating personalized place settings with their name on it. Keep things simple by pairing natural colored name tags with a sprig of greenery.  


Simplicity is BLiss

One thing to keep in mind for tablescapes is to keep things simple. If you’re overwhelmed by options, a minimal tablescape will still work great since the real star should be the holiday meal. The table should be as much of a happy place as the kitchen, where good conversations and food are meant to be enjoyed.

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