Simple Projects To Add Character To A Tract Home


Words + Photos by: Siri Campbell

Moving into tract home can pose some design challenges since you're forced to deal with a layout that is anything but creative. Often times these "cookie cutter" homes are uninspiring to live in and lack any architectural detail whatsoever.

Since our home was brand new when we moved, we were confronted with the same problems of customizing a rather basic space. However, we embraced the opportunity and viewed our new home as a blank slate that we could customize to fit our style. These are some simple ways we added character to turn our once "cookie cutter" house into a unique home that felt original.  

Photo Oct 01, 2 58 06 PM copy.jpg

Wall coverings

Whether it's wains coating, decals, or wallpaper, they all add character to plain walls. We added wains coating throughout our whole house and it turned cookie cutter into custom. Decals are another simple way to add personality and style to any wall inside the home.  

Photo Sep 18, 2 02 00 PM 2.jpg

Customized doors

We swapped out my office door for an all glass door to brighten up the room and it changed the look entirely. We also added handmade barn doors over an arched entrance into our living room. 

Photo Mar 25, 12 41 32 PM.jpg


We added built-in benches in our kitchen nook and upstairs hallway. It was a simple project that added character and seating. It finished an empty space into an area with a custom feature.

Photo Jul 31, 4 44 40 PM.jpg

Light Fixtures

Tract homes usually get built with basic box store lights. We switched out the fixtures for updated ones and it made the space go from simple to personalized. We chose lights that fit each room’s function and design style.



The biggest project we did was painting the kitchen cabinets. We took plain wood cabinets that come in tract homes and painted them a bright white. We also painted the island a dark gray to add a touch of contrast against the white quartz counter. This made our kitchen fit our style and unique to us. 


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