Color Trend: The Top Hues for Winter 2017

 image source:  designlovefest

image source: designlovefest


Words by: Cara Irwin

If you're a decor lover on social media then you are definitely accustomed to seeing color trends circling on your feed. With fall upon us and winter on its way you'll definitely start seeing some new colors pop up that we predict will be a huge hit this season. Where do color trends come from? Color trends are more like a feeling and WE have a feeling that rich and sophisticated blue + green hues are going to be trending this winter.

If you're itching for a color change this season, then you're in the right place. We're here to help you get ahead of the game by sharing our top "color trend" inspiration picks from our favorite bloggers and designers. Let's look at some of these colorful spaces that will inspire you to include green and blue hues in your own home this winter!

 image source:  @sterinwilliamson

image source: @sterinwilliamson


Let's start with a classic! If you're a long time blogger or pinterester you've seen this photo before. This beautiful space is by Erin Williamson Design and you can see more of the beautiful hues here. The mix of texture and pattern with this color, Dark Harbor by Benjamin Moore, is absolutely stunning. We're big fans!

 image source:  Hotel Panache

image source: Hotel Panache


Wallpaper is also a great way to add some color to your space! This malachite wallpaper at Hotel Panache in Paris perfectly incorporates green into this room to create a beautifully designed space. It totally has us green with envy. **wink wink** And we have great news... you don't have to travel to Paris just to enjoy this green wallpaper (although it would be nice). Take a design risk and add it to your own home!

 image source:  @studiomcgee

image source: @studiomcgee


Another classic! Do you follow Shea McGee of Studio McGee? This color "Salamander" from Benjamin Moor is designer approved. It's the perfect shade of dark green. Not only will this color will be a huge winter hit but a huge hit all year long!

 image source:  Heidi Lerkenfeldt  \ styling:  Natalia Sanchez Echevarria  

image source: Heidi Lerkenfeldt \ styling: Natalia Sanchez Echevarria 


Give us all the blue velvet couches! There are just some things that will never get old and velvet couches are one of them. If the new season is urging you to redecorate... invest in a velvet couch. Can you see why we're loving blues and greens for this season?

 image source: @ mvwetter

image source: @mvwetter


Did we mention blues and greens go really well with colors like yellow, red, and orange? Madison Wetter is giving us living proof in his boho abode. Is there anything better than a fearless decorator? Join the club and paint your own walls a fun color like Madison.

 image source:  @emilyhenderson

image source: @emilyhenderson


Let's be real... you can't go wrong with Emily Henderson and you REALLY can't go wrong with this blue rug. If painting your walls blue or green sounds a little scary then do something a little less risky and add it to your floor. Rugs are a great way to add color and texture to a room.

 image source:  @oscarbravohome

image source: @oscarbravohome


If you're having major commitment issues with wall paint and rugs, Oscar Bravo has all of your solutions! You can add these lovely tones to your home with wall art and decor. We love how Oscar shows how you can easily switch out your art and pillows to cater to your color cravings this winter.

Look out for more blues and greens on your insta feed and be sure to tag @homestoryapp so we can see how you use them in your winter homes! 


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