The Homestory blog is a destination for visual inspiration, where we seek out the most magnificent spaces and home decor to help people make not only their homes more beautiful, but also their lives. We believe creativity fuels the world and that's why we've dedicated this blog to empowering a community of design lovers and creatives by giving them the resources they need to do so.




Everyone has an important story to tell.

And we believe that story should be shared through the way you style your home.

Homestory was created to allow you to design the home that truly expresses who you are and who you aspire to be. We believe that design should never be a one size fits all concept. A home should have a unique personality, just like you. And as your personality evolves over time, we are here to help your style evolve too.

Change doesn’t have to mean challenges.

Homestory takes the headache out of home design and makes it approachable to all by presenting it in a fun and easy way. It's a place where you can find endless visual inspiration, the right set of tools and the motivation to bring your ideas to life regardless of your budget, space, or design experience. Our goal is to empower and enable you to create a space that both you and your friends will love.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

We made Homestory about people learning from each other because we believe in the power of community. Homestory allows you to discover new people and connect over similar interests, such as your mutual love for Scandinavian decor. It is an open and collaborative space where you can share your unique style and gain helpful feedback from your community to create the home of your dreams. By engaging and interacting with others you might even stumble upon new ideas and interests that you never knew about previously.